Lita Lighting, development model in european LED market

LED Lita Lighting Office

Lita Lighting, LED lighting manufacturer in Europe, through its international offices, closed the year 2011 with an excellent billing partnerships in areas like the Middle East, North Africa, and major projects in Spain and Portugal, with a growth forecast for 2012 30%.

This is the model of business situation, it is common to the LED lighting industry, as ANFALUM (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Light) in its last General Assembly, revealed. During the first half of the year, the lighting industry suffered a downturn in demand, except for the LED market, whose turnover in 2011 closed with 135 million Euros, whose forecast for this year is 146 million Euros. In part because Europe is adopting energy policies that aim to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, optimize resource utilization, and ultimately large-scale changes in patterns of energy consumption. European countries like Germany, are intended to reduce energy consumption up to 10% by 2020.

This undoubtedly represents a business opportunity for the LED technology, which are maximum energy savings and sustainability. What power the LED industry growth and accounts for 10% of the total turnover in lighting industry in Spain.