Lita Lighting: Gas station LED lighting project

Gas station Led lights

Gas station LED lights

Lita Lighting, leading provider of LED lighting solutions, has provided an LED lighting solution to one of the largest global operators of petrol service stations (based in Madrid).
The Lita Lighting LED products, selected for that new gas station are:

External –

  • High power canopy lights (150W & 90W) designed specifically for petrol stations. These are the LED equivalent to 150W and 250W Metal halide lights

Internal (Includeing 24 hour coffee dock and store) –

  • T8 LED tubes
  • LED panel lights
  • LED grid lights
  • Downlights Including LED GU10′s

The LED lights are expected to use upto 75% less energy than the conventional lights, will last upto 50,000 hours (further reducing maintenance costs) and provide a very quick return on investment (ROI) to the customer . Those responsible for this project estimate that the investment made by the service station will be returned in less than 12 months.