LED Super Lux industrial lamp range


LED industrial lamps Lita Lighting

Lita Lighting extends LED industrial lamps range.

We offer to our customers new higher wattage and reflectors of different sizes.
Super Lux range, has power up to 200W.
• Getting luminous efficiency 11,000 Lumens with 185W before, with just 120W.
Made with the commercial environment in mind, this product has been utilised by the Burger King restaurant franchise, AS Group Miguelez industries and laboratories facilities Primaderm. This type of LED luminaires are natural substitutes for conventional sodium lamps, mercury or metal halide up to 450W.

Lux Magazine decided to subject Lita Lighting LED industrial lamp to their LUX benchtest appraisal. The LITA LED highbay lamp was subjected to rigorous testing for performance, and was given the LUX Magazine”thunbs up” with excellent results.

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