Dublin Airport Authority retrofits Ellydees Wattbeater lamps

Wattbeater by Lita Ligthing

Ellydees are delighted to announce that after a trial installation, DAA have used over 150 ellydees wattbeater lamps at Terminal 2, Dublin Airport. They have replaced old technology 150W linear tungsten halogen lamps with 7W LED wattbeaters, delivering over 95% energy saving and slashing maintenance costs.

About the Project…. Old technology linear tungsten halogen lamps were used on air bridges, a moveable walking ramp that connects planes to the airport terminal. Halogens are highly inefficient bulbs, with 95% of the energy lost in heat and only 5% used to produce light. They are prone to shatter due to vibration which is not ideal for use on an airbridge which is moved constantly.

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