LED Super Lux industrial lamp range


LED industrial lamps Lita Lighting

Lita Lighting extends LED industrial lamps range.

We offer to our customers new higher wattage and reflectors of different sizes.
Super Lux range, has power up to 200W.
• Getting luminous efficiency 11,000 Lumens with 185W before, with just 120W.
Made with the commercial environment in mind, this product has been utilised by the Burger King restaurant franchise, AS Group Miguelez industries and laboratories facilities Primaderm. This type of LED luminaires are natural substitutes for conventional sodium lamps, mercury or metal halide up to 450W.

Lux Magazine decided to subject Lita Lighting LED industrial lamp to their LUX benchtest appraisal. The LITA LED highbay lamp was subjected to rigorous testing for performance, and was given the LUX Magazine”thunbs up” with excellent results.

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Lita Lighting: Public LED lighting investment in 2012


The Spanish government have invested heavily in LED projects over 2012. These investments are designed to improve energy efficiency through the introduction of LED lighting, reducing energy costs and maintenance by more than 60% .
The Provincial Council of Valencia has opened the call to provide subsidies Energy Efficiency in Street Lighting, to replace conventional lighting with LED lights, which will enable more than 31 towns, save on their electricity consumption, and, recoup the investment within approximately 18 months. This will be achieved with both lower energy consumption and maintenance of the lights (LED lamps will last upto 50,000 hours). The total investment will be about € 20million.
Public investment will increase progressively. It is estimated that the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) will change all street lighting to LED lighting. This will require investment which will range between € 450million and € 1.4 billion according to IDAE and Citelum.
To cite another international example; in California, support for LED street lights project financing has come from the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the U.S. Department of Energy. California’s SEP is focused on increasing energy efficiency to reduce energy costs, energy consumption, cut reliance on imported energy and to shrink energy impacts on the environment. The California Energy Commission today awarded nearly $5 million to improve the energy efficiency of three California cities and a college. The funds come from the Commission’s Energy Conservation Assistant Act (ECAA) program.
“Investing in local energy generation and energy efficiency equipment is a simple, effective way to reduce energy use and money. Once completed, these projects will save local cities and colleges more than $400,000 in annual energy costs,” said Energy Commission Chair Robert B. Weisenmiller.

LED lighting projects for franchises 2013

Lita Lighting LED in Burger King Vicalvaro_Madrid

LED lights Burger King Madrid.

Lita Lighting, has continued to experience growth in both local and export markets throughout 2013.
Mr Iván Ortúzar (Lita General Manager) says that he expects 2013 to see the companies domestic market grow by 20% and the export market to grow by a staggering 45%. “we are already exporting to the UK, Sweden, Germany, Africa, USA and South America. And we are targeting large opportunities in France, Denmark, Holland and the Middle East”.
2013 saw a large growth in the fast food and take away food market domestically. With particular successes with Burger King & Dehesa Santa María. “We are delighted that both companies not only used the full range of our products (internal and external LED lighting) but that they sought to use a Spanish based company.” Lita Lighting continues to receive industry recognition for its innovation in designing and manufacturing new ranges of products that include tube lights, halogen replacements lights, high bay lights, street lights and flood lights. “We have some new products due for release throughout 2013 and are hopeful that we will be increasing our workforce here in Spain to meet the demand”.

LED Lights offer upto 90% energy savings, can last upto 50 times the life cycle of a conventional light and are more environmentally friendly, releasing far less CO2 into the environment.

Lita Lighting: Gas station LED lighting project

Gas station Led lights

Gas station LED lights

Lita Lighting, leading provider of LED lighting solutions, has provided an LED lighting solution to one of the largest global operators of petrol service stations (based in Madrid).
The Lita Lighting LED products, selected for that new gas station are:

External –

  • High power canopy lights (150W & 90W) designed specifically for petrol stations. These are the LED equivalent to 150W and 250W Metal halide lights

Internal (Includeing 24 hour coffee dock and store) –

  • T8 LED tubes
  • LED panel lights
  • LED grid lights
  • Downlights Including LED GU10′s

The LED lights are expected to use upto 75% less energy than the conventional lights, will last upto 50,000 hours (further reducing maintenance costs) and provide a very quick return on investment (ROI) to the customer . Those responsible for this project estimate that the investment made by the service station will be returned in less than 12 months.

Lita Lighting launches new website www.litalighting.com



Lita Lighting is proud to announce the launch of its new and updated website www.litalighting.com

Our new website provides an easier user interface to allow our customers to better understand the range of LED lights we sell, the performance factors of the LED Lights and best applicational use of our products. Specification documentation, data sheets, product certification and customer testimonials are downloadable in a far more user friendly format that before.
The website allows us to better showcase our own LED lights, and, the successes we have achieved to date with our own designs and technical innovation. Customer specific designs now account for 1/3 of our overall business.

The website also has separate content and localized language pages for each of our global offices (Sweden, Germany, UK, Ireland, Spain and USA).

Even in these tough economic times Lita Lighting continues to grow its domestic and international business. Exports now account for more than 50% of our business and this figure continues to grow.

Lita Lighting LED carpark projects

Parking Eboli

Lita Lighting Carpark

Lita Lighting manufacturer LED lighting solutions, continue to develop important projects to replacement fluoresce with this LED technology solutions for several car parks around the country.
Lita Lighting, has the confidence of the leading operators of parking, in locations as representative as:

• Parking Alhambra in Granada, Vertical parking in Pas de la CASA in Andorra, Gran Vía Juan Carlos I in Logroño bullring in Pamplona, Carrefour in Gijón, Kursaal in San Sebastian, Segovia Aqueduct, Mall The Valleys in Madrid, South Park Mall (Leganes), Trinidad in La Laguna, Tenerife Maternity Hospital, Aqueduct parking in Segovia, Parking Residents of Porto Avd Madrid, among others.

In all cases the substitution of conventional fluorescent with LED lighting, provides an important savings up to 80% in lighting costs, maintenance and replacement. LED lighting resulting optimal solution applicable: Parking, private / public, offices, shopping centers, industrial, hotels, or public buildings.
Lita Lighting, offers a 3 year warranty on all LED products with efficiency up to 110lum / w.

Lighting the way: Perspectives on the global lighting market (Second edition; 2012)

McKinsey 2011 “Lighting the way”

While many of the findings in McKinsey’s 2011 “Lighting the way” report – the first to provide a holistic view of the fragmented and complex global lighting industry – still hold true in general today, some key market parameters have shifted due to world events over the past year. This second edition addresses recent changes in the lighting market environment, updating the 2011 findings with a particular focus on the accelerated erosion of LED prices. The impact of the transition from traditional lighting technologies to LED is likely to be dramatic in the years ahead, affecting players in all related sectors.

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Strategies in Light Europe 2012 in photos

Strategies in Light Europe

Strategies in Light Europe 2012

A selection of photos from the exhibition at this year’s Strategies in Light Europe event in Munich, Germany.
With the theme of “Growth, profitability and new opportunities for LED lighting in a challenging economy,” this year’s Strategies in Light Europe conference took place on September 18-20 in Munich, Germany.


Lita Lighting, development model in european LED market

LED Lita Lighting Office

Lita Lighting, LED lighting manufacturer in Europe, through its international offices, closed the year 2011 with an excellent billing partnerships in areas like the Middle East, North Africa, and major projects in Spain and Portugal, with a growth forecast for 2012 30%.

This is the model of business situation, it is common to the LED lighting industry, as ANFALUM (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Light) in its last General Assembly, revealed. During the first half of the year, the lighting industry suffered a downturn in demand, except for the LED market, whose turnover in 2011 closed with 135 million Euros, whose forecast for this year is 146 million Euros. In part because Europe is adopting energy policies that aim to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, optimize resource utilization, and ultimately large-scale changes in patterns of energy consumption. European countries like Germany, are intended to reduce energy consumption up to 10% by 2020.

This undoubtedly represents a business opportunity for the LED technology, which are maximum energy savings and sustainability. What power the LED industry growth and accounts for 10% of the total turnover in lighting industry in Spain.