About us

Eco-friendly technology

Lita Lighting is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of LED lighting solutions.  

We manufacture a wide range of LED lighting solutions, all designed to replace conventional lamps.

We specialise in manufacturing solutions designed specifically to meet our end clients unique requirements.

Lita Lighting have international offices in UK, Ireland, Sweden, France, USA and Spain, and have established a global distribution network for the sale of our products.

ECO-friendly technology

  • LEDs don’t contain hazardous materials, such as mercury used in fluorescent lights
  • Up to 50.000 hours lifetime (Maintenance free)
  • No UV or IR radiation
  • Reduction of up to 90% of energy costs
  • No heat emitted in direction of light
  • No light pollution (directable light)
  • Instant light, no warm up period
  • We only use the best of ‘breed’ LED components, which include CREE, Nichia, Bridgelux, Sharp and Citizen

Know more about how bussiness are more ecological working with us.

At Lita Lighting we work to help our customers be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. We utilise the latest cutting edge technology in developing our products, and, deploy the latest quality standards in all aspects of our services.
Our “Bespoke” division will work with customers on the development of “bespoke & unique” products to meet very specific customer requirements.